Camilion House / In-House

If you need technical and human support to develop your projects, Camilion House / Camilion In-House are our solutions for you.

We have our own personnel and a broad database of people with skills and abilities that have already been evaluated. This allows us to provide you with an agile and flexible response to your demands.

We don’t just look for a good candidate, but for the best candidate for you. This component makes the difference between a good company and an excellent one.

Camilion In-House

In this service mode our professionals go to your location in order to expand your team and allow you to face any current challenges in a quicker way.

Camilion House

In this service mode, besides our professionals, we put our premises and organisational infrastructure at your disposal in order to help you succeed at developing and executing your projects with the required rigour, professionalism and traceability.