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gen. 5, 2023 | Free, Revit

At Camilion, we had already 2 free plugins for Revit and today we announce a third one joining the group: 3DMeasure!

Our free apps

At Camilion, we have developed 3 apps for Revit that are completely FREE! They are:

  1. QuickFamily
  2. CommandFinder
  3. 3DMeasure

Below we explain briefly what each plugin does.


Make 2D families with one click. Choose weather to make a Generic Annotation, a Detail Component family or other types of 2D families without leaving the project environment!
Just run the plugin, choose the lines you want to make into a family, give your family a name, choose what category it should belong to and voilá!

Quick Family gif


Revit plugin that simulates AutoCAD’s Command Line tool: start typing to find any command.
This plugin is especially useful for all those hidden commands like Export IFC or Manage Filters that don’t have a shortcut assigned. Just type the words and choose from a list of possible commands!



Revit plugin that allows measuring any object in a 3D View by selecting 2 points or clicking on an edge.
Works on links and gives you the delta X Y and Z as well as the coordinates in all 3 coordinate systems in Revit (Internal, Project Base point and Survey point).
Additionally, you can measure an edge by clicking on it and copy all the coordinates and measurements to the clipboard!



We hope the BIM community can benefit from these tools and find value in them.
Have you tried any one of our apps? We’d love to hear your feedback!

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