Flexible and integrated software and technical personnel solutions

Who are we?

Camilion Consulting and Development, S.L. is a young company with a great interdisciplinary team.

Our goal is designing and executing effective and innovative solutions that optimise processes and facilitate the proper development of projects carried out by our clients.

Camilion House / In-House

These are our divisions specialised in project development.

Camilion In-House supports the effective execution and development of projects managed in the premises of our clients by bringing any necessary professionals.

Camilion House provides in our offices in Barcelona the material and human resources that are necessary to accomplish the development and execution of projects with the needed rigour, professionalism and traceability.

Camilion Dev

Parting from our transversal knowledge, accumulated experience and user empathy, we design and develop custom tools that adapt to any particular needs and facilitate, optimise and integrate with the productive processes of our clients.

Camilion Apps

A set of generic applications developed by Camilion Dev that are available to be acquired and used by any user.