Privacy policy


Here we explain in detail the personal data that is processed and collected by Camilion Consulting and Development, S.L.
To make inquiries or submit complaints related to our services or our handling of your personal data, you can use any contact method, with email being preferred.

Contact methods, along with our tax address, can be found in the contact section at the bottom of our website portal or in the contact section of our applications.

You can also, if you wish, file complaints directly with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) or your local data protection agency.

Your data is kept and processed at all times in the European Union or in states considered safe by the European Commission.


For security reasons, Camilion Consulting and Development, S.L. will not have access to any financial data you provide to the payment platform at any time.
If you do not agree with the conditions of the payment platform, please contact us to find an alternative way.

We only keep in plain text the necessary data to carry out the billing of the service provided, which we retain for legal reasons, provided they are relevant.

Your IP address will be used in the license verification process, and if it’s not sufficient, and if you authorize it: your email address. This authorization will be valid for one year and can be manually revoked at any time.

We emphasize that this data is not stored in any way in our database, and we only have records of the date, type of access, and associated company.

You can check the data we store locally from each application.


We also use our own cookies, which you can manage cookies by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of your screen “Manage consent”.

Our websites respect the Do Not Track (DNT) setting of browsers.

It must be possible to identify you on the applications’ portal, so the same applies as in the Applications section.

Mailing Lists

If you give us your consent to do so, at Camilion Consulting and Development, S.L. we will process your name and email address for the purpose of sending digital communications from our marketing and sales team, in order to present our services and products to you and inform you of related news.
This consent is revocable at any time through the corresponding link in each message, or you can use any contact method, with email being preferred.


We only collect the information you explicitly provide us with, for the sole purpose of offering you a job at Camilion Consulting and Development, S.L. or at Autoplot, S.L.
We will not contact you periodically or unnecessarily.

If, after 5 years, your resume has not been used in any selection process, it will be deleted, and we will send you an informative email so that, if you wish, you can resend us your updated resume.

You can access your data at any time or update it by sending an email with the corresponding request.

If you change your mind at any time and do not wish to be part of our selection processes, you can inform us at any time when we contact you or by email. In this case, your data will be deleted.

We do our best, from a technical point of view, to ensure that your data does not fall into the hands of third parties. Only the human resources managers of Camilion Consulting and Development, S.L. and Autoplot, S.L. will have access to your information.

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