Because of 2020’s pandemic, most events take place online, including the
very first Autodesk Forge™ hackathon as part of
Autodesk University 2020 (AU2020).

A hackathon is a “hacking marathon” on a specific topic,
this particular event focused on Autodesk Forge, a developer
platform designed and ran by Autodesk®,
it was very intensive and lasted 5 days.

At Camilion, we decided to participate in this hackathon and use
the time and special 24h/5d availability of Autodesk® developers to bring an
idea forward.
Here, we’ll elaborate a bit further, but you can also watch our “live”
presentation (starts at 1h 11m 10s) featuring questions by
Autodesk developers, and even Jim Quanci, their CTO.

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