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Computer Aided Design vs Building Information Modeling

Currently, the development of the BIM system is acquiring so much power that in many cases it becomes a requirement in current Engineering and Building projects, however, CAD continues to dominate the stage, we are in a moment of transition, where the coexistence of both systems and especially their coordination is especially important.

Aware of their predecessors, all BIM programs allow you to import CAD originated files directly or as references. Although this apparently means its easy and immediate incorporation, it is only in part, since all the information it contains cannot be read as BIM, that is, we will have an inserted plan that we can work with but its edition will be limited to aspects size, location, display and style.

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Getting IPv6 in Barcelona

This blog post was published in coordination with the one on
ungleich’s blog about
bringing IPv6 to Barcelona.

Who are we and why do we care about IPv6?

We, Camilion Consulting & Development, are a small company based
in Barcelona, and we provide consulting
services in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) world, while
also developing software to help engineers
worldwide work better and faster, so that they free themselves from fighting
the tools and keep doing wonderful things.

So, we are not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and we don’t have a huge
infrastructure (it keeps growing though).

Basically, we don’t make the internet, we are what you might call
advanced users of the Internet.

Now, if we are just advanced users, why do we care about IPv6?

Well, while not being a huge company or an ISP, we do have the will and
knowledge to self-host any services that are critical for our operations.

Why a company would want to do that is a question better answered on a future
post, but the quintessence is that politics have an effect on the world and
what is a good/free/cheap service today, can either not be available to us or
be a huge liability in the future.

And, as it turns out, being a small company means that we cannot afford in
time and effort changing providers for Operation-critical services every
couple years and we cannot assume a sudden or huge downtime due to things
out of our control like services shutting down, changing terms and conditions,
or plain political instability.

Running our own services is much easier and cheaper with IPv6,
not only is IPv6 Only Hosting cheaper, it is
something we can do ourselves, on our own premises, without being an ISP.

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