About us

Our team

Camilion Consulting and Development is a young company with interdisciplinary professionals from different fields with solid knowledge and a consolidated experience that provide us with energy and professional projection.


Contribute to closing the gap between the fields of Information Technologies and Engineering in order to facilitate the execution of projects that benefit society.


  • Establish a relationship based on trust, ethics and professionalism with our clients, through a direct and fluid communication
  • Understand effectively your needs
  • Offer a quick, agile and efficient response
  • Select the right professionals for each task
  • Integrate the interdisciplinary knowledge of the team
  • Create or facilitate technical solutions that are functional, practical and innovative
  • Contribute to the goal accomplishment of projects carried out by our clients
  • Be part of the team of our clients
  • Increase productivity by reducing the human time devoted to repetitive tasks


  • Knowledge: we share our experience, knowledge and resources with our clients in order to face current and future challenges.
  • Innovation: in order to improve the performance of our professionals, we bet on innovation as a differentiating fact. We give them tools and continuous advice in order to optimise the tasks at hand.
  • Team: we fully integrate in the different disciplines and teams of our clients with the intention of being considered another part of the team.
  • Family: we care about people and trust in their potential, we give them full support by helping them accomplish their goals, both in life and at work.