Can't see an element in a Revit view? Here are 30 reasons for that

Feb 17, 2021 | Holmes, howto, Revit

In January 2011, Dave Jones started an epic thread on the RevitForum called Can’t see it in the view? Here’s 33 reasons maybe why.
His post went on to enumerate 33 possible reasons for an element to be hidden in a Revit® view.
This post has been valuable to many generations of despairing BIM Specialists (including the author of this blog post) who found great value in this list, so in honor of that thread, we’d like to contribute with a revised and re-ordered list of the 30 reasons why you don’t see your Revit objects.

Camilion’s cheat sheet to finding stuff in Revit views

Starting from the original post, we reorganized and reduced redundancies in the list, grouping the items by similar characteristic.
The end result is the following image which you can print in order to give it to the new Revit users in the office.
You can also download the pdf version.

revit 30 reasons cheatsheet

Don’t have time to manually search for your object?

Can't see an element in a Revit view? Here are 30 reasons for that Camilion
If you don’t want to spend countless hours going through the 30 reasons list one by one, you can let Holmes handle it for you!
Holmes is a plugin for Autodesk® Revit® that performs automated tests to detect why an element is not visible in one or more views.

Learn more about this plugin by reading this post or download it for free and give it a try!

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