The free trial campaign has ended, here are the results

Abr 12, 2021 | 3DMeasure, CommandFinder, Holmes, LeGen, OverRide, PSED, Revit, SectionCreator, Sheeets

Our free trial campaign has been a success!

We want to thank everyone who participated, whether current customer or not,
and remark that we truly care about your needs and are listening closely.

Indeed your feedback has had very tangible effects (details below):

  • We completely redesigned 2 apps
  • We adapted prices

Remember you can help shape our tools to match your needs, we will always make our best effort to help you get the most out of them!

Summary of our campaign

As a reminder, we started the year with a free trial campaign giving free access to all our plugins in the following way:

  • 3 months free trials for all our plugins
  • 1 year license for your feedback on the BIM apps
  • Publishing a free app: CommandFinder

After this campaign, CommandFinder remains free to use, and you can still try and profit from our tools in a shorter trial period.

If you qualify for a free 1 year license, we will be sending you an email in the next few days, thank you!

2 apps redesigned entirely

Also thanks to your feedback, two of our most downloaded apps for Revit have been completely redesigned. We’re talking about LeGen and 3Dmeasure.

The free trial campaign has ended, here are the results Camilion


For this app, first we changed the upper section to resemble Revit’s VG dialog. We then added the possibility to create legends using the patterns in the filters and added some options to customize the dimension of the keys. For a detailed post on the upgrades click here.

New LeGen Dialog

The free trial campaign has ended, here are the results Camilion 2


The 3DMeasure app was rebuilt from scratch. We changed the way in which the selection process works, so now users only have to click once to select a point in 3D! Also, the interface changed to reflect in clear icons the different functions 3DM has: Select 2 points, Select 1 point, Select 1 edge and Copy to Clipboard.
For a detailed post on the new 3DMeasure, click here.

New 3DM Dialog

Price adjustment

One of the questions we asked in the feedback form was if you considered the price to be appropriate or not.
Many users gave us their opinion on the matter and interestingly enough there seemed to be a consensus on most apps reviewed, that also matched our intuition, so the new pricing is as follows:

App Old price New price
CommandFinder Free = Free
LeGen 125 €/year ** 65€/year **
PSED 125 €/year ** 85 €/year **
OverRide 80 €/year 25 €/year
SectionCreator 50 €/year 25 €/year
Sheeets 80 €/year 65 €/year
3Dmeasure 5€/year = 5 €/year
Holmes 15 €/year = 15 €/year

The One-Time vs. Recurring payment question

Some of you requested one-time payment purchase options as opposed to
recurrent yearly payments, and, while this topic is enough for another entry,
we want to briefly address it here as well:

When you become our customer, you are not just getting access to some tool.
There is a team behind it that is listening to your feedback and
who is willing to create or re-think their products to match your needs; we’re
constantly thinking about ways to make these tools more powerful and

You also know that these tools will continue to work for as long as you use

For instance:
Did you know that most of our apps are already compatible with Revit and AutoCAD 2022?

We are currently working on enabling the last ones for Revit 2022, and these
are things you never want to be thinking about,
which is why we continue with recurrent yearly payments as the pricing model.

Thank you

Finally, we wish to address all the people who took the survey and gave us some form of feedback.
Thank you, once again, for your time and trust, two of the most important things any person can give; we are honored to be involved with you.

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