3DMeasure documentation

Revit® plugin that allows measuring any object in a 3D View by selecting 2 points or clicking on an edge.

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Last Revision: June 2020
Supported versions: Revit 2018 to Revit 2021

What is 3DMeasure

The 3DMeasure tool is a plugin for Autodesk® Revit® which allows you to measure an existing edge or to select 2 arbitrary points in space. A dialog box shows you the distance between these 2 points as well as their Delta values and Coordinates. Let’s take a closer look at each of the sections of the 3DMeasure dialog box:



Here we display the data regarding the length and delta values.

  • Length: length of the line being measured
  • DeltaX: X of Point 1 minus X of Point 2
  • DeltaY: Y of Point 1 minus Y of Point 2
  • DeltaZ: Z of Point 1 minus Z of Point 2

Measure (a)

These buttons allow the selection of points or edges.

Select Point

Clicking on Select Point will prompt the user to click twice: the first click is needed to select a planar face to define a temporary workplane; the second click defines the actual point. When the second click is performed, the Coordinates section (e) is updated to reflect the coordinates of the chosen point (works for links as well).

Select Edge

Simply prompts the user to select an existing edge in the model (links included). Once the selection is performed, both the Dimensions section and the Coordinates section are populated with data.

Measure by Points

This command prompts the user to select 2 points in the same manner Select Point works: first, a surface must be selected and then a point on the surface defines the actual point. These 2 clicks must be repeated to define the second point. After the 4 clicks have been performed, the Dimensions and Coordinates sections will be updated with the data relative to the chosen points (works for links as well).

Options (b)

  • Display Line: This checkbox displays a temporary line on the screen.
  • Keep Line: Makes the temporary line permanent.
  • Close: Closes the dialog box.

Coordinate Base (c)

Switch betweeen all possible coordinate bases. The coordinates section will update simultaneously.

Units (d)

The units are taken from Revit’s project units.

Coordinates (e)

Two text boxes give information about the X Y and Z coordinates of one or both points.