Seguretat i proxies TLS

At Camilion we take security seriously, which is why we engage in all reasonable precautions to ensure the software you get is the software we design.

Amongst other things we sign our code digitally and, the topic of this post, we make sure that your end users are talking to our servers and not to something else.

Here we will explain to you how that works and how, in certain environments, that can lead to issues. Should you have these issues, read the section What to do if I have a TLS-proxy?

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Seguretat i certificats de firma de codi

There are many things that you get not to worry about when using our products as opposed to rolling out your own.

One of them is: securely and reliably distributing plugins and keeping them up to date. This, turns out, is not an easy feat and is full of tricky details.

Code signing certificates are one such tricky detail, here we explain how we take care of them, and how an upcoming change might affect you.

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Add Revisions to your Sheets in Revit

If you’ve worked in big Revit® projects, you know that using revisions in your sheets is mandatory to track deliverables. Unfortunately, adding or deleting revisions from a group of sheets is quite time consuming, as you need to go sheet by sheet. What if you have 50 sheets? What if you have 500? Well, with the Sheeets plugin it takes just a few seconds.

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Quick Family: A Revit family maker

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create Revit 2D families with the same ease as making blocks in AutoCAD®? Well, that was exactly our intention! Quick Family is a free plugin for Revit® that lets you easily create 2D families with just one click!

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La campanya de llicències gratuites ha finalitzat, aquí estan els resultats

La nostra campanya de llicències gratuïtes ha estat un èxit!

Volem agrair a totes les persones que hi han participat, sense donar importància que siguin clients o no, i remarcar que ens preocupem realment per les teves necessitats i que t’escoltem amb atenció.

De fet, els comentaris rebuts han tingut efectes molt tangibles (detalls a continuació):

  • Hem redissenyat 2 aplicacions per complet
  • Adaptem preus

Recorda que pots ajudar a donar forma a les nostres eines per a adaptar-les a les teves necessitats, sempre ens esforcem per a ajudar-te a aprofitar-les al màxim!

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