Getting IPv6 in Barcelona

This blog post was published in coordination with the one on ungleich’s blog about bringing IPv6 to Barcelona.

Who are we and why do we care about IPv6?

We, Camilion Consulting & Development, are a small company based in Barcelona, and we provide outsourcing and consulting services in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) world, while also developing software to help engineers worldwide work better and faster, so that they free themselves from fighting the tools and keep doing wonderful things.

So, we are not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and we don’t have a huge infrastructure (it keeps growing though).

Basically, we don’t make the internet, we are what you might call advanced users of the Internet.

Now, if we are just advanced users, why do we care about IPv6?

Well, while not being a huge company or an ISP, we do have the will and knowledge to self-host any services that are critical for our operations.

Why a company would want to do that is a question better answered on a future post, but the quintessence is that politics have an effect on the world and what is a good/free/cheap service today, can either not be available to us or be a huge liability in the future.

And, as it turns out, being a small company means that we cannot afford in time and effort changing providers for Operation-critical services every couple years and we cannot assume a sudden or huge downtime due to things out of our control like services shutting down, changing terms and conditions, or plain political instability.

Running our own services is much easier and cheaper with IPv6, not only is IPv6 Only Hosting cheaper, it is something we can do ourselves, on our own premises, without being an ISP.

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Hello, blog!

Yet another blog?

Well, yes. A couple weeks ago, on January the 1st 2019, Camilion Consulting & Development turned one year old!

This first year was great to set the basis and to close our respective previous professional stages, all while already working on this very exciting project.

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster and we have learnt and grown a lot as human individuals, as a team and as a company; furthermore we now have a clear vision of what our place is and where we are going. See below.

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