AutoCAD: Arabic text with transparencies and PlotMan

It is not widely known, that using transparencies in Autodesk® AutoCAD® software makes the resulting PDF files be rasterised.

This can have unexpected results. A notable example being Arabic texts.

Original text Printing with transparencies Printing with PlotMan
الحكومي ا ل ح ك و م ي الحكومي
التعاونى ا ل ت ع ا و ن ى ﺍﻟﺘﻌﺍﻭﻧﻰ

We will explain why this happens, and how we manged to solve it in one of our apps: PlotMan for all of our customers who can now just use PlotMan normally to create their PDF files and not worry about this at all.

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AutoCAD publish vs PlotMan

Sometimes we get asked how PlotMan, one of our apps, compares to using plain publish in Autodesk® AutoCAD® software.

We think the approaches are so different (and ours is much simpler!) that it was worth it to answer the question in a more definitive fashion.

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AutoCAD: bind mode explained

As expert users of Autodesk® software like AutoCAD®, we sometimes receive very specific questions or requests from our clients.

One of the most recent ones has been related to external reference management and the differences between the bind modes in AutoCAD software, particularly, how one of our apps: RefMan interacts with that.

When we discovered that the problem of our client came from a lack of understanding of the process, we decided to document it and explain it for whoever is interested.

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