New upgrades on LeGen v1.7

We’re always committed to improving our apps, and after gathering some valuable feedback from our clients, we’ve been busy improving our LeGen, a plugin for Autodesk® Revit® Software.

With this upgrade we not only add more options like patterns and lines, but we make creating your LeGends even easier!

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Free trials and new apps!

Are you ready for 2021?

2020 was a rough year and without doubt we still have some difficult time ahead. Nevertheless, we want to start this 2021 with all the good energy and positivism we can, so we have a few exciting announcements to make including free goodies for everyone!

Happy 2021!

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A Command Line for Revit

What is CommandFinder?

If you are a long time AutoCAD® user you probably miss the good old Command Prompt, very useful not only to type in commands but also to explore what commands are available in the program. With this in mind, at Camilion we developed CommandFinder, a free Command Line for Revit®!

Put simply, CommandFinder is just the Command Line Prompt for Revit®.


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Can't find an element in Revit

One of the most common problems Revit® users have is that one or more elements are mysteriously missing in a specific view. This is due to the fact that the complexity of the software allows a wide array of options to control object visibility, to the point that tracking down an element may become a daunting and time consuming task.

To aid our clients, we developed Holmes, a plugin for Revit® that will perform automated tests to help you find your missing elements with one click!

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Autodesk Forge Hackathon 2020

Because of 2020’s pandemic, most events take place online, including the very first Autodesk Forge™ hackathon as part of Autodesk University 2020 (AU2020).

A hackathon is a “hacking marathon” on a specific topic, this particular event focused on Autodesk Forge, a developer platform designed and ran by Autodesk®, it was very intensive and lasted 5 days.

At Camilion, we decided to participate in this hackathon and use the time and special 24h/5d availability of Autodesk® developers to bring an idea forward. Here, we’ll elaborate a bit further, but you can also watch our “live” presentation (starts at 1h 11m 10s) featuring questions by Autodesk developers, and even Jim Quanci, their CTO.

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