Computer Aided Design vs Building Information Modeling

Currently, the development of the BIM system is acquiring so much power that in many cases it becomes a requirement in current Engineering and Building projects, however, CAD continues to dominate the stage, we are in a moment of transition, where the coexistence of both systems and especially their coordination is especially important.

Aware of their predecessors, all BIM programs allow you to import CAD originated files directly or as references. Although this apparently means its easy and immediate incorporation, it is only in part, since all the information it contains cannot be read as BIM, that is, we will have an inserted plan that we can work with but its edition will be limited to aspects size, location, display and style.

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Revit: Creating legends automatically with LeGen

So you have your Autodesk® Revit® file ready to start the documentation phase and you’ve (hopefully) created your visual overrides by setting up your view filters in your views to nicely override whatever elements you need to override.

At this point, after creating your sheets and dragging your views inside, you probably need some type of legend to explain what all those colours and patterns represent… enter: LeGen.


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Using Revit Filters to create legend plans

Remember the last time you selected a bunch of elements, right-clicked and chose Override Graphics in View > By Element? Well… except for very specific exceptions, that kind of override should be your last resource (shame on you).

It’s much better to use filters to create graphical overrides on views for the power and flexibility they allow you to leverage. So, what exactly are filters and how can you apply them to work better and go home earlier? Read on…

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AutoCAD: getting rid of image and pdf margins

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AutoCAD: Arabic text with transparencies and PlotMan

It is not widely known, that using transparencies in Autodesk® AutoCAD® software makes the resulting PDF files be rasterised.

This can have unexpected results. A notable example being Arabic texts.

Original text Printing with transparencies Printing with PlotMan
الحكومي ا ل ح ك و م ي الحكومي
التعاونى ا ل ت ع ا و ن ى ﺍﻟﺘﻌﺍﻭﻧﻰ

We will explain why this happens, and how we manged to solve it in one of our apps: PlotMan for all of our customers who can now just use PlotMan normally to create their PDF files and not worry about this at all.

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