Using PSED to Manage Property Sets in Civil3D

In Civil3D, Property Sets allow you to create and assign extended data properties to your objects. A property set definition specifies the characteristics of a group of properties that can be associated with an object.

Managing these properties can be a daunting task, as there’s no built-in tool that allows for custom filtering and searching.

For this reason, at Camilion we designed PSED: a Property Set Editor to manage all the data in your project in a precise and efficient way.

In this blog post, we´ll discuss a real case scenario where we use PSED to detect drafting errors and filter objects according to specific criteria.


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Duplicate sheets with Revit®

So probably you have tried to right-click on a sheet in your project browser and selected Duplicate View, only to find bitter disappointment in the fact that the three duplicate buttons are grayed out. :( Revit® unfortunately, doesn’t have a default tool for sheet duplication.

Well, fear no more. At Camilion we’ve developed a plugin that can duplicate 1 or 100 sheets in a couple of clicks.


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Manage Graphic Overrides by Element with Revit (old post)

Remember the last time you opened a project just to find it plagued with manual graphic overrides? The kind where someone had to repeat right-click > Override Graphics in View > By Element a gazillion times.

You, the experienced project manager, know that this tool is to be used only sparingly; for it can become a nightmare to spot out these types of overrides. Luckily, we at Camilion have seen our share of the dreary By Element overrides and thus developed a plugin to manage them in a couple of clicks…


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Create a section by selecting a face in Revit

There is no native funtion in Autodesk® Revit® that allows you to create a section view simply by clicking on a planar face. That’s why at Camilion we developed SectionCreator.


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Measure in 3D with Revit (old post)

Autodesk® Revit® is a very complex and complete BIM software that allows you to do many things in many ways. But if there’s one feature that has always been missing for this software that’s precisely the ability to measure in 3D. This seemingly trivial task for some reason has not been integrated yet as of 2021 release, so the dev team at Camilion decided to create the 3DMeasure tool.

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