Applications for AEC

Autumn 2018


Why use custom applications?

Current state - CAD

Current state - result

Unused Information

Wasted time

The future is BIM

The future is BIM

A future without CAD?


Just with less CAD

CAD will keep existing

What do we propose?

A future with less CAD

Use custom applications in order to minimise the time invested in CAD

And, how?

Camilion pdf2img

Process hundreds of PDFs — while having a coffee

Camilion pdf2img vs manually


Plot DWGs to PDF without worries

PlotMan vs Publish

PlotMan vs Publish

PlotMan solves uncommon but expensive problems


Forget all about relative or absolute paths, or unresolved references

RefMan vs Reference Manager


A bit of intelligence, in CAD


Coming soon


These slides are online

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